Novacon 50


Novacon 50 Postponement - The Details

The Novacon committee began planning Novacon 50 last year, before N49 took place, and things were going well; we had our Guests, our venue, and rising membership numbers. But then COVID-19 happened and we were confined to barracks. We continued to hold committee meetings online, but it became apparent that things could not proceed as planned and a decision had to be made.

We have been in touch with the hotel, and although it intends to re-open in July this will not include the function space. Obviously if any kind of social distancing remains in November then large gatherings like a convention will not be possible. Added to this is the fact that many of our members (and indeed the committee) are in the “vulnerable” category due to age or medical conditions.

Novacon 50 is intended to be a celebration of Novacon from its inception in 1971, but we feel that continued uncertainty about what is likely to happen over the next few months will prevent us from holding the kind of inclusive event we want. Therefore we have reluctantly decided to cancel the convention this year and instead hold it in November 2021. It will still be Novacon 50, and we will continue to work towards giving you a great time!

If you have already joined the convention and are happy for your membership to be carried forward then you don’t need to do anything. If however you want it refunded, let us know and we’ll sort it. We will continue to take memberships and issue progress reports to keep you informed as to what’s happening.

Things like the exact dates and Guests for the con will be confirmed in due course.

Thanks for your support.

Alice and Tony.