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Welcome to Novacon
Novacon is the UK's longest-established regional science fiction convention, held every autumn since 1971. It's built around a single-stream programme mixing both literary items and more informal events, with deliberate emphasis on social contact between sf fans and genre professionals.

Our Guest of Honour: Charles Stross
Novacon 37 was delighted that the award-winning British science fiction author Charlie Stross (pictured right) accepted our invitation to be our guest of honour. UK editions of his novels The Atrocity Archives, its sequel The Jennifer Morgue and A Family Trade (the first volume in the "Merchant Wars" sequence) were all out in time for the convention. In addition, every member of Novacon received a limited-edition souvenir chapbook, Japan 2007, written by Charlie.
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Novacon News Update:
Novacon GoH to appear on Second Life

As well as our progress reports, news bulletins were regularly posted on this website.
Read the latest Novacon news, updated 13 November 2007

Celebrating 70 Years of British SF Conventions
The first true science fiction convention was held in Leeds in 1937 (attendees included 19 year-old sf fan Arthur C Clarke). Novacon 37 celebrated that event's seventieth anniversary, both through our programme and via a series of essays by Peter Weston and Mark Plummer in our three progress reports and our programme book.
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Big Brother is Watching YOU
British citizens live under the most intense surveillance on this planet. By the millennium's dawn, there was one CCTV camera for every 14 people in the UK; work in a major city, and it's likely you'll be filmed at least 300 times per day. In the face of flawed technology and political duplicity, Gordon Brown's cabinet is pressing ahead with plans to introduce identity cards which will be compulsory in all but name. This country already has the largest DNA database in the world (four million files) and our personal telephone records could soon be available to more than 650 governmental bodies. Prudence or paranoia? Novacon 37's programme stared into Today, recall the Past and extrapolated the Britain of Tomorrow.

The 2007 Nova Awards
Since 1973, Novacon has hosted the Nova Awards, celebrating excellence in British sf fanzines. The awards are now open to both Irish fandom and electronic fanzines.
Read the Nova rules and the 2007 'long list'

The Birmingham Science Fiction Group
Since 1972, Novacon has been organised by the Birmingham SF Group, which meets on the second Friday of each month at the Britannia Hotel, off New Street, Birmingham.Future events include a quiz battle against a team from Birmingham University (9 November) and the group's xmas party (7 December).
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